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People Make the Difference

Meet the Team


TG Headshot.jpg


Tim Griffin founded Jetstream in 2004, and has been growing the business on the principle of doing the right thing ever since. When he's not managing the business, he still flies as an active pilot for our customers. Tim enjoys getting outdoors for mountain biking, hiking and camping. 

JesseG Headshot.jpg

Director of Sales and Marketing

Jesse leads the Sales and Marketing Department at Jetstream Aviation. Jesse has been an employee of Jetstream since he was 12 - washing the underbelly of airplanes and cleaning around the office. Additionally, he has been involved in the Aviation business his whole life. In his free time he enjoys skiing, biking, and working out. 

CS Headshot.jpg

Business Development

JeffG Headshot.jpg

Director of Operations

In addition to being an active pilot in the Jetstream fleet, Jeff leads the flight department with an emphasis on maintaining and always improving the safe and legal operations to which Jetstream clients are accustomed. Outside the cockpit, Jeff is often backpacking or mountain biking with his family in the Idaho mountains. 

NS Headshot.jpg


Naomi has a Bachelor's degree in accounting with previous experience in public accounting for over 12 years. When she's not overseeing the financial aspects of the company, she is most likely camping with her husband and son, crocheting, watching football, or playing with her 4 big dogs (or most likely some combination of all of the above).


KL Headshot.jpg

Director of Maintenance

DM No Smile.jpg

Aircraft Detailer, Mechanic in Training

JT Grining Headshot.jpg

Maintenance Operations Manager

Charter & Flight Coordination

JK Headshot.jpg

Director of Flight Coordination

Julia is a detail-oriented planner at heart with a strong drive to execute the highest level of service for both her internal and external clients. Starting her career in commercial aviation, she gained a unique perspective of passenger air travel before discovering the personalized service of private air travel. She is a resolution focused, one-step ahead thinker that always enjoys a good problem to solve.

HoldenG Headshot.jpg

Flight Coordinator

Holden considers his clients needs his highest priority and strives to maintain excellent communication during the whole trip. He and the team make sure that all our trips are seamless for our customers, no matter where the trip takes them. Holden also enjoys playing hockey, hiking, and exploring Boise's best restaurants.

HaileyG Headshot.jpg

Flight Coordinator & Accounting Assistant

Hailey is an exceptionally driven individual who excels at problem solving and will keep looking until she finds the answer. Currently, she is an accounting assistant who helps with the flight coordination team and will soon graduate this spring. If she is not working or studying for school, you can find her cooking, playing volleyball, and spending time outdoors in beautiful Idaho.

ZM Headshot.jpg

Flight Coordinator

Zach was born and raised in Tacoma, WA. He graduated from Central Washington University with a Commercial Pilot's license as well as a Bachelor's of Science with a focus on professional pilot training as well as Aviation Management. Once graduated college in 2019, he moved to Austin, TX where he lived for 2 years. His wife and him have two dogs and in their free-time, they enjoy hiking, riding dirt bikes, and spending time with family.

Flight operations


Chief Pilot

Mike's experience ranges from the Caribbean to Alaska, where he spent 15 years flying med-evac jets before moving to the Seattle area. His base of knowledge on how to operate a flight department safely in the harshest of environments is a cornerstone of Jetstream's team. Outside work, he's often flying his own Cessna, or researching an aviation history project.

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